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History of Himalayan Salt

Hundreds of hundreds scientific researches proved that Himalayan salt is the world's best salt. Its appear approximately over 250 million years ago after clashing of Indian and European plates in the earth that time there was a sea and after that area convert into dry place. It’s naturally so pure and clean that's why we can eat immediately after comes out from mine without any process, Because over 250 million years ago sea water was naturally clean and pure. Himalayan Salt have 84+ traced natural minerals which are necessary for maintaining our health and beauty.

Himalayan salt is a salt which is perfect for eating to refine your home, living rooms, bed rooms or office environment and beauty.

We can get unlimited benefits from Himalayan salt in many different ways like using in food, taking bath or just grab a salt lamp for your office, living room or bad room.

Benefits of Himalayan salt

As we mentioned earlier that Himalayan salt naturally so pure it’s appear on earth before the time of pollution and it’s have 84+ traced natural minerals which are necessary for maintaining our health and keep us healthy and young.

The amazing naturalistic proof of Himalayan salt is that it’s doesn't need any process before eating it’s naturally able to eat and contain all the minerals which are necessary for us.

If we compare normal sea salt or table salt with Himalayan salt we can clearly see that now days Sea are contain high level of pollution like heavy metal waste and other highly dangerous industrial waste which are mixed in sea water and sea salt comes after drain sea water that’s why sea salt need highly processed and clean with chemicals. It’s contain only two elements Sodium and Chloride these elements aren't natural these comes up by the action of chemical reaction.  This is the reason that why sea salt is artificial or only chemicals and not good for health as general opinion says about sea table salt and medical professionals advise to less use of table salt.  .

Himalayan salt are pure, natural, naturally refine and ready to eat without any chemical or scientific process that’s why thousands of scientific research proof that Himalayan salt is the best thing in the universe for humans.

Some of important benefits of eating Himalayan salt

It’s makes bone more strong and powerful naturally 
It’s fight against muscles pain
It’s control the water flow in our body 
It’s makes strong Hp balance in our body and brain cells 
It’s increase vascular health 
It’s naturally makes sleep habit normal 
It’s maintain naturally your sexual health 
It’s naturally maintain blood presser and also control sugar level in our body 
It’s naturally fights against our skin disease

Bath Salt
As we mentioned earlier that Himalayan salt are natural and it contain 84+ natural traced minerals. We can get benefits from Himalayan salt from many ways. If you take bath with Himalayan salt it will naturally improve your skin beauty makes your skin softer and moisturized it naturally.

If you have any skin problem like aching or rashes on skin then you just take a bath with Himalayan salt it will definitely help to makes batter and finished your skin rashes and other skin diseases also help to improve your skin beauty.

Just 300g to 500g Himalayan bath salt mix in your bath tub and spend 20 to 30 minute or more if you want, at least once ( but no maximum limit if you want you can do everyday) after while you will self see the difference and feel freshness in your skin.

Benefits of Salt lamp

Salt lamp is just convert Himalayan rock salt into art work. It looks beautiful and romantic. Himalayan salt lamp is much more than only a decoration piece. Himalayan salt lamp have unlimited benefits for you and your family. It’s a piece of Himalayan rock salt which comes straight from Himalayan salt mine, yes it’s same piece of salt which we use for eating or for taking bath. It’s a solid piece contain 84+ natural minerals which minerals are highly need for our good health.

Himalayan salt lamp works like a safe guard for us and protect us from dust around us,germs around us and unseen dangerous electric waves. Now days when we are living in the middle of electric waves like mobile phone waves, TV waves, net work signals and many other types of waves. We know that these waves are not good for our health but also we can’t survive without modern technology, here only Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt lamp can help us and protect us against these positive ions or dangerous waves.

Now there is a very simple question that How salt lamp does work? There are many studies on Himalayan salt and Himalayan salt lamps. When we switched-on Himalayan salt lamp after while it gets hot with the heat of its bulb then it start throwing its negative ions in the air around us and these negative ions (waves) protect you against the other positive ions or dangerous electric waves.
If you are asthma patient or you feel some time difficulty for taking breath then you must need a salt lamp in your office, sitting area and bedroom. It’s much more natural, easy and safe way as well as with other treatment for you.
If you work long hours on computer you must need a salt lamp on your work table for protect you from negative waves.
If your child is not active in study or in other works then you must have a salt lamp in your child room for successful future of your child.

Some Important Benefits of Salt Lamps.
  • Reform the air and kills bacteria and other germs. Makes environment more human friendly to breath.
  • Naturally increase your sleep.
  • Reduce stress and makes you feel light.
  • Continue usage of salt lamp makes you clever and active.
  • Increase your efficiency and work ability.
  • In your bedroom makes the environment more romantic and calm.
  • Asthma patent gets breath more smoothly and easily when they are around salt lamp.
  • Through negative ions around us, which provide us uncountable benefits.
Salt Lamps and Room Sizes
Its important choose right size of salt lamp for your room, because its through negative ions according to its size. If you will put smaller size of salt lamp in bigger room then you will get difficulty to achieve the purpose from salt lamp. But you can put a bigger salt lamp in smaller room or more than one salt lamp in one room for get more effective result.

Salt Lamp Weights in KG

Room Sizes in Square Feet

Salt Lamp 2-3 KG

70 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 3-4 KG

100 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 4-6 KG

130 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 6-8 KG

160 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 8-10 KG

190 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 10-12 KG

230 Square Feet

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